Paper Machine

Leizhan will supply various types of machines for recycling waste paper: Kraft pulp / Testliner Paper machine, ...

Pulp Equipment

Leizhan pulp equipment mainly have D-Type Pulper, Drum Pulper

Sorting Equipment

Paper pulp screening equipment is used for coarse screening and fine screening of various recycled pulp ...

Conveyor & Agitator

Scraper Conveyor, Agitator, Pump, etc. works with another pulp machine in the papermaking process ...


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  • Less Price Vertical Hydrapulper

    Paper recycling pulping line Vertical Hydrapulper mainly used for breaking pulp board, damage paper and wast paper, etc. Vertical Hydrapulper can promptly crush wastepaper, deinking on the condition of high concentration. Long service life, low noise and low energy consumption.

  • Efficient M.C. Hydrapulper

    As the reliable technology and paper production partner for the production of toilet pulp, Leizhan has a complete paper machinery system for paper and pulp production contains tissue paper stock preparation system to paper production machinery. Leizhan can provides the pulp machine ZDSZ Series M.C. Hydrapulper, which is mainly used for separating waste paper and ink under high consistency in waste paper deinking process.

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